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Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe

image Joseph Rowe jouant du bemdir
image Catherine Braslavsky jouant son doulcimer

between traditional
and current music

Video Hildegard's teaser

Video Mawlana

A Music with Roots
    Inspired by 
Gregorian Chant, and by sacred musics from JewishMuslimHinduAfrican, and other ancient traditions.

A Music with Wings
    Exploring new musical approaches, with 
improvisationcompositionshamanic vocalizations, harmonic overtone chanting, African and Mideastern rhythms, and electro-acoustic atmospheres.

A Music to celebrate Unity, Beauty and Nature…

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"Free of preconceptions and in great freedom, these artists have renewed a sacred vocal art which emerges from the mists of time. Strange, and very beautiful."


— Emilia Rigarda

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