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Hamza El Din is one of the original pioneers of world music.
A son of the Nubian diaspora (their ancient homeland was destroyed by the Aswan Dam), he brought his Nubian tradition to the Arab oud (not often used in Nubia before him) to create a unique, soulful Afro-Arab music with profound Sufi overtones. In English, with some pages in Arabic.

NOTE : see this page for my personal memoir of the late Hamza El Din...

Borys Cholewka musician, teacher, certified shaman (yes, the Tuvan government certifies authentic inheritors of their shamanic tradition, and Borys is one!).

Souffle d'Or   Festival de Jeux et Outils Ludiques le 1er et 2 Mai 2010

State of Global Emergency Declaration - ENDORSE NOW!

Espace Ecosophia (loi 1901)

ECKERMANN DRUMS Norbert Eckermann makes superb frame drums. Having traveled and studied in the Middle East, he combines Austrian craftsmanship with ancient esthetics and new and traditional practices to create the lightest, sturdiest, most beautiful-sounding tuneable frame drum I know of. Far superior to Remo.

Bali Treasures, and Drum Factory --- Good site on drums and other world instruments.

Music in Our World Home Page
a good introduction to world music, covering simple Western music theory, European, Arab, Indian, Indonesian, African musics.

Maqam World. Perhaps the best site for learning about classical Arab music. Many examples of forms, scales and rhythms. Some mp3 files, and interactive online learning. In English and Arabic..

Jas's Middle-Eastern Rhythms - very scholarly and useful page listing many Middle Eastern rhythms, mostly Arab. Easy notation, readable by anyone with a bit of practice. Some have mp3 files to listen to. In English, Portuguese, Japanese.
A major source of information about drums, drumming, rhythms, etc.
Gregorian chant site
, with very good information, history, examples. In English, French, Dutch, Portuguese.
Excellent Indian music site.
Useful information on instruments, teachers, music, concerts. In English and German.
Un site francophone
très utile pour les amateurs de musique indienne : infos sur les grands matres de tous les styles, tous les instruments et de toutes les Ècoles traditionnelles.

The Just Intonation Network has valuable information on the vast world of musics beyond the confines of equal temperament.

Bill Douglas
Director of Music at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. His eclectic recordings and performances, as well as his original, creative approach to teaching music, have influenced many musicians who seek a deeper approach to music than post-modernism.

David Hykes
's harmonic chant, in the genre of overtone singing, David Hykes's music is unparalleled in artistic quality. Well-designed site in English and French.


Inspired by the work of mythologist and philosopher Joseph Campbell
Excellent religion/myth resource site

Fraternet, Site francophone --- la spiritualité engagée.

Michel Cazenave (site francophone) philosophe, Ècrivain, pote, animateur et crÈateur de l'Èmission Les Vivants et les Dieux sur France-Culture, une ressource rare et incontournable en France pour une confluence de la spiritualité, la philosophie, l'art, et la psychologie qui est authentique, et qui dépasse les stéréotypes des mass-media.
The Labyrinth.
This is the major site of the labyrinth movement, initiated by the Rev. Lauren Artress, Canon of Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco. These friends have been a source of great encouragement and inspiration for us. For the last seven years, the Catherine Braslavsky Ensemble has been accompanying their labyrinth pilgrimage ceremonies each spring at Chartres cathedral.
The Gnosis Archive
a site for downloading gnostic texts, history, and commentaries. Very useful archives here.
A useful site where canonical and gnostic scriptures can be consulted together.
Another useful site which offers canonical and non-canonical gospels.

Muslim culture links
Very useful page of links to Islamic culture sites. In English.
Peter Kirby's site offers an excellent online display of the Coptic-English interlinear text of the Gospel of Thomas, as well as the Oxyrhyncus Greek fragments. Useful notes and links also.
An investigation of common Jewish and Christian mystical traditions in theological and liturgical texts. English.
Friends in Boulder, Colorado in the U.S. A trans-denominational community of people dedicated to honoring the earth and all beings through ceremony, theatre, music and dance.
Good contemporary Kabbalah site.
Excellent religion/myth resource site
, inspired by the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell



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